Enya’s 2004 Who’s Who Entry


Just because it is in print, doesn’t mean that it is true. Just look at Enya’s 2004 The International Who’s Who entry. Here’s she is married!

This has really nothing to do with Enya, but when you are a public figure who you are married to is of some interest. When the serious publication The International Who’s Who – which has been in publication since 1935 – claimed that she in 2002 married a Spanish man called Sergio Casado.


Spanish biography
Enya’s comment to the matter is (accodring to Enya.tk):

It’s very difficult to find someone who understands my engagement for the music. (..) In some periods of my life, I had partners. But I find long relationships…well, how can I say it without appearing strange? I’m too much devoted to my music. I know that some people think that it sounds sad, but believe me, I’m happy.” -Enya, 2005

But who is Sergio Casado? In 2004 he published an Enya biography in Spanish (which, by the way, is there only full format Enya biography available (although there are a 1989 English biography available, or the more recent Enya 352 Success Facts)).

On his blog Casado wrote (translated from Spanish):

I started my research on Enya in 1996, but things moved slowly. In 1998 Catedra became interested in publishing my work. It has become quite outdated and I was just beginner. It was hard to tackle a project of this caliber. But it remains the only book published in Spanish [about Enya]. I think it has some pretty good parts.

To this day, Enya has not been married – although there are 2004 editions of The International Who’s Who that claim otherwise…