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New Age Music and Politics


The Radio Streaming Service Pandora seems to know everything about us:

The 14-year-old online radio service known for crafting virtual radio stations based on a user’s music preference plans to premiere a new advertising service. And the new feature will allow candidates and political organizations to target the majority of its 73 million users based on their political leanings, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Does Pandora read you well? According to the company, if you like Yanni, or other New-Age music, you are likely to lean slightly right. But if you have a Daft Punk-themed station, you’re likely to lean strongly left. The Wall Street Journal created a quiz with some of Pandora’s other findings.

Read it here.

This is the first time in my 25 years of New Age music that I hear that you are “likely to lean slightly right” if you like this genre. Where are the New Age music yoga hippies in this?

  • George

    What a manipulative article. To bring politics into this music is like bringing sex to a kindergarten. Politics have no intrinsic value in this form of music. And btw its totally bias and skewed. Where did they source their left vs right information from? Who actually did the research? Who paid for it? Please keep politics in the capital buildings and bias tv news. Its not wanted in this music hippie or not!