What do you hear? LAUREL or YANNI?


The question has taken the internet with storm; two weeks ago Reddit user Roland Camry uploaded an audio clip where the question is simply; What do you hear? LAUREL or YANNI? It is an ear-splitting debate…

Here’s the sound clip in question:

Everyone, from A-list celebrities to President Trump, has an opinion on the matter – and the discussion never seems to end.

Yanni tried to set things right once and for all:

But the ball just kept on rolling. 

Ron Barnett for newspaper Independent Mail writes:

“Now that the world has been equally divided between the Laurel-heads and the Yanni-bots, I guess it’s time for me to weigh in on the controversy.

When I first heard the audio clip that went viral a couple of weeks ago, I heard “Laurel.” Only Laurel, with no possibility of it sounding like “Yanni.” I couldn’t imagine how anybody could get “Yanni” out of that. But some people were!

The point I want to make with all this is that people who see (or hear) things differently than you may have legitimate reasons for experiencing the world differently, and we should respect that. I think you can extrapolate these differences of perception into how people come to believe certain things. That partly explains the major divides in our country today over politics, religion, and worldview.”

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