Interview with George Winston

1526 has done a great interview with George Winston, who just released the album “Spring Carousel”.

It starts like this:

“Hang on, let me turn this thing off,” says piano master George Winston. Winston is calling from somewhere in Arizona on the eve of a concert tour and wrangling with an unruly GPS device that belches intermittent driving directions between the musician’s thoughtful, well-tempered sentences. Ostensibly a conversation about his latest release, Spring Carousel, we find time to discuss his love a variety of music (including Frank Zappa and The Doors) as well as his undying appreciation of legendary guitarist John Fahey.

Spring Carousel features 15 new compositions that the venerable pianist wrote while recovering from a bone marrow transplant at the City of Hope facility in Duarte, California and serves as a benefit album for the non-profit organization. A man possessed with an enviably positive disposition, Winston doesn’t dwell on the illness that could have killed him. Still, a review of the events that led to the LP’s arrival offers insight to his determination and the fullness of his recovery.”

Read the interview here. What an amazing artist!