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Interview with Paul Avgerinos


Webpage Citycodemag.com has a very nice interview with Paul Avgerinos where he talks about winning a New Age music Grammy, Greece, life in general – and, recently,  becoming a father!

The interview starts like this:


You have Greek and Italian roots in origin and you were born in the United States, where do you feel you belong the most? It’s a classic question, but you might have an unconventional answer.

I belong right where I am but my roots are very important to my character and work. My Greek father was from the island of Kefalonia, not too far from Italy, so there is actually a bit of the Italian feel there. I have been deeply inspired by my Greek heritage and even did an entire album trying to convey the magic and mystery of Homer’s epic Odyssey. The hero Odysseus is the King of Ithaca and Kefalonia and this magnificent story has had a huge influence on my childhood and career. Completed in 1990, the work is called “Muse of the Round Sky”. In 2006 I also did an album called GNOSIS, exploring the ancient Gnostic wisdom schools from the 1st century AD. It features a wonderful Greek Cantor, Anthony Paravalos.”

Read it all here (you have to scroll down for the English text). Highly recommended!