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Interview with Laraaji


Webpage Merryjane.com has made a fascinating interview with Laraaji. Here he talks about his recent release “Vision Songs Vol 1”, the music community and life in general. 

From Merryjane.com:

MERRY JANE: You’ve had a lot of collections of your music reissued recently. In your mind, what distinguishes Vision Songs from the rest of your artistic endeavors?
Laraaji: It’s a dedicated vocal songs album, and I use the keyboard more in the front than the zither, which is what I use for most of my music.

What were you trying to achieve by using those different elements?
Bliss, joy, softness, spirit. To offer the spiritual community as I knew it then music that would support and reflect and soothe the positive spiritual aspirant or person who’s friendly towards the spiritual side of life.

At that point in your life, what was your experience with this spiritual community?
Several of them were communities built around using an Indian spiritual teacher or some esoteric inspirational model, and my association with these groups and these communities was always a source of joy and positive thinking, softness, compassion. At that time, I was immersed in the spiritual directions and spiritual community side of life.

Once the music was recorded, how did you share it with that community?
My sense is that the music gets to that community [on its own]. A following of people find that my music supports them, whether they’re doing yoga or healing work or energy work or driving down Route 101 in California. Whether they’re one person here or one person there or groups of people that follow different disciplines of yoga or meditation, I’m aware of the community and still serve its presence. Although I don’t get to see them all face-to-face, [they have access to] mass media like Spotify, Pandora, Soundcloud, live concerts, or syndicated radio programs that specialize in New Age music.

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