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Interview with Sacred Earth


Yogawoman.tv has done a great interview with Sacred Earth. It starts like this:

1) What is the inspiration for your music?
Our music is inspired by our love of the earth; her beauty and her simple treasures. We are inspired by the silence that holds the whole of creation, the trees, the wind, the rivers and the oceans. We are inspired by our love & respect for each other and our beautiful daughter. Our dogs and their waggy tails, our friends & families, cooking for our loved ones, great organic food, our veggie patch, lots of cups of tea, surfing, cuddles, our yoga practice and meditation. Our life is so wonderful and we are truly blessed to live the lives that we do. Our music is an extension of our life.

2) How does your yoga and spiritual life shape your music?
We discovered the power of mantra, yoga, prayer and mediation during our years immersed in yoga teacher training & through attending vipassana mediation retreats. Our meditation and yoga practices keep us focused on our paths, fill us with positive energy and keep us grounded in our centre. The deeper we have gone into our hearts the more our music has flowed. The more we love one another and treat each other with love, kindness and respect the more our entire journey flows. Spiritual life is not separate from daily life…. it is life!

Read it all here.