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JM Jarre on Snowden and analog purists


Newspaper Colorado Springs Independent has posted an interesting interview with Jean-Michel Jarre. Here he talks about the difference between analogue and digital synths, the Vatican fighting Gutenberg and, lastly, Edward Snowden.

Here’s a small taste of the interview;

“Unlike many artists of his generation, the 68-year-old Jarre doesn’t shy away from modern-day musical innovations. “For quite a long time I had been convinced that the analog way of recording was higher and better than the digital,” he explains. He refers to the 1990s and early ’00s as “the dark ages of digital,” but is convinced that music technology has improved immeasurably in recent years. “I have an emotional relationship with Ableton Live like I used to have with the 24-track studio,” Jarre says. “It’s easy and quick, and I can get the warmth I want to have.”


“Jarre views the rise of high-quality digital audio as a democratizing development in music, and has no patience with the argument that low-cost technology puts tools in the hands of people who lack the creativity to make good music, flooding the market with substandard product. “That reminds me of the Vatican fighting Gutenberg when he invented the printing system,” he says. “They were afraid that suddenly everybody would have knowledge, and they would not have the monopoly anymore. It’s the same with music.”

Read the complete interview here.

Front page picture © A.Savin, Wikimedia Commons