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Mike Oldfield’s Music Radar Interview


Music Radar has done a great interview with Mike Oldfield. Here he talks about the making of “Return To Ommadawn“, and all the challenges he has had over the last few years.

It goes like this:

“Peer into his world and Oldfield seems every inch the serendipitous rock legend living in royalty-financed utopia. Don’t be fooled. The 63 year old is rightly proud of latest album, Return To Ommadawn, but these shiveringly beautiful instrumentals – much like those of its 1975 prequel, Ommadawn – were born of all the worst things that life can throw at a man. A long legal battle. The passing of his father. The death of his son at 33.

“It’s the age-old story,” he says, rolling a cigarette. “Out of suffering comes beauty. It seems that somebody who’s content with life isn’t able to produce enough emotional power. It has to be something that really makes your hair stand on end. The circumstances of the last four years reminded me of the situation I was in back in the 70s.”

Read the interview here.