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Mike Oldfield’s son Luke Oldfield on his dad, music & life

Express & Star feature

Newspaper Express & Star has a great interview with Luke Oldfield, Mike Oldfield’s son. Here he talks about his own band Gypsyfingers, his dad and life in general.

The interview starts like this: 

“But Luke Oldfield, whose father is of course none other than Mike Oldfield, has very much taken his own path when it comes to creating music; making unique songs and fascinating videos to match with his band Gypsyfingers in which he plays with wife Victoria Coghlan.

He does however give his dad credit for inspiring him to get into music, alongside his older brother Dougal who sadly died in 2015, aged just 33.

“The first gig of my dad’s I went to see was at the Royal Albert Hall in 1993, performing Tubular Bells. I was stunned by the whole thing – I thought it was amazing,” said Luke, who lives in West London with Victoria.

I must have only been about seven.

I can remember being struck by the caveman who came on stage in Tubular Bells Two. I thought ‘what is that guy? There’s a real caveman on stage!’.

“Later on, I found out it was the percussionist in my dad’s band and I met him when they played the Olympics Opening Ceremony in 2012. His name’s Alasdair Malloy. When I met him and told him about it, he said ‘you know that was me?’. I had finally met the caveman.
“Dad hasn’t toured since 1999, but when he did he was so impressive. I’m immensely proud of him. It’s very cool. My parents split up when I was really young. To me, he’s not a rock star – he’s just my dad. It is interesting for me to see fans’ perception of him though. Even if he says he was absent while we were growing up, I’d still go round his house and do what dads and sons do.”

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