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New Interview with Kitaro


kitaroWebpage Bohemian.com has a great interview with Kitaro entitled Symphonic Electronic Lover. The reason for the interview is today’s concert at the Green Music Center, Sonoma State, CA. 

‘This is my dream,” Kitaro says simply.

He’s speaking of the transformation of some of his most famous electronica melodies into fully orchestrated tone poems. It’s not a new idea, just one that has taken a long time to realize for the Japanese composer, whose elegantly melodic instrumentals helped define the emerging “New Age” genre beginning in the late 1970s. Although he was encouraged to explore the tonal potential of early synthesizers by Tangerine Dream’s Klaus Schulze, and did so with great success, he longed for more.

“The synthesizer can create strange sounds, but [an] orchestra has its own beauty,” he says. “[From] the beginning of my career, always I’m focused on the actual acoustic sounds.”

Read it here.

Photo by Bruce Robinson, Bohemian.com