New Interview with Yanni


Nee Hao Magazine has just posted an interview Yanni. The reason for the interview is Yanni’s upcoming tour in Brazil and Europe. We’ll also get to hear about Yanni’s many visits in Asia.

Q: What and who are your musical influences? 

A: That is a very long and diverse list. I have so many influences with my music that are very powerful in how they shaped me as a composer and musician. I have derived a lot of influence from the classical composers such as Chopin and Mozart and I feel that this has influenced many of my piano songs. In a very similar fashion, I have been influenced by regional music that I was exposed to as child, such as Asian, Latin, Middle Eastern and then later in my teens by Rock and Roll from America and the UK. These influences have been wonderful in that they allow me to perform music that is piano based to music that is electronic and rock.

You are well known for your charitable activities, away from music what other projects are you currently participating in? 

I have been involved recently in a few wonderful projects. Two years ago when I was in China I was invited to adopt a baby Panda. I went to the Giant Panda Research and Breeding Facility in Chengdu to learn about the work they do and I was fortunate enough to have adopted a baby Panda. I met the Panda and was asked to choose the gender and give it a name. I chose a female and named her Santorini. Santorini in Greek means “peace” and it is also one of the most beautiful islands in the world, so I believer this little Panda will be the “beautiful Panda of peace”. Later in the year I was able to extend this relationship to a program with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and we were able to work together to raise money to help with Panda research in China. I still continue to this day with my relationship with the Chengdu Facility and the WWF.

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