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Q&A with Jean-Michel Jarre


In an interview with newspaper Vancouver Sun, Jean-Michel Jarre discusses his work, his tour and his love of producing conceptual concert experiences.

Stuart Derdeyn writes:

“French electronic music maker Jean-Michel Jarre is a key artist in the creation of modern dance music/ambient/new age sounds.

Jarre took time from his busy schedule — actually he was in the back of a chauffeur-driven limo in Paris — to discuss his work, his tour and his love of producing conceptual concert experiences such as the one he brings to this continent on the recent tour.

Q: When you first began making music with technology, did you ever imagine you would be setting a model for what is arguably the most popular music on the planet right now, down to the very complex live presentations?

A: No idea at all. Oxygène arrived when the punk music scene was exploding with the message of no future, and I was making music directly linked to the idea of a vision of the future with technology, space, hope and addressing our fears rather then surrendering to them. I certainly didn’t think electronic music was going to be the dominant genre or approach to making music into the 21st century. I wanted to find a bridge between experimental new sounds and melodies into a new element.

Q: Does the size of the equipment needed to make those early albums compared to what you can do just with your signature key harp today make you shake your head sometimes?

A:  I was limited by elements of finance because the old synthesizers were so expensive, and also the limited availability of instruments that could be used, let alone taken on tour. But I came to realize that out of limitations comes increased creativity because you start finding out ways to work around them. It contributes so much to so many of those early era first albums.

QOn Electronica 1 and 2 you are really working more in the pop realm. Did you have a lot of fun collaborating?

A: Working on those studio projects was really fun because I was able to work with others who were great influences on my life and make music with them. It was a very different approach for me, and it’s resulted in a very special show, too.”

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