Recent Interview with Dan Kennedy



Local newspaper The Recorder in Greenfield, MA, has a nice interview with Dan Kennedy. It goes like this:

When you listen to Dan Kennedy’s latest release, “Bloom Road,” you will hear evidence that he is a classically trained musician. But you will also hear elements of rock, pop, jazz and new age in his music. With “Bloom Road,” the Amherst-based pianist and composer has created an album of lovely instrumental music that will touch listeners, not only with its beauty, but the with the array of emotions it evokes. Kennedy has said that he hopes the new album, which features both solo and ensemble compositions, will help inspire people to reach their own personal potential. “I named this recording ‘Bloom Road’ because life is a journey, like going down a road, and I had a vision of one’s soul blooming and reaching its full expression,” Kennedy said.

Read it here.