A Look Into Medwyn Goodall’s Studio


To see a major artist at work is always fascinating. This time it is Medwyn Goodall who opens the door to his studio. He has posted a video where he tells about the creative process behind his music. We also get to learn a thing or two about his favourite chords and melodic approach. This video, which is the first in a series, is a must for old and new fans.  

In 2017 Medwyn Goodall celebrates 30 years as a recording artist. If you have followed his podcast and shows on One World Music Radio – and perhaps have read his autobiography “No Strings Attached” too – you already know quite a bit about Medwyn. But seeing him at work in his studio is something truly special.

These days he is working on “Medicine Woman 6”. This series has a sound of its own, and it seems that the project is well under way. The cover is already completed. It will be exciting to see what the next stage of production is.