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Interview with Laraaji


Webpage Thequietus.com has a great interview with Laraaji. It starts like this:

Once, before a concert, Laraaji contemplated a triangle. He spent “about half an hour, concentrating on the geometric form of a triangle,” before finally “letting go” and taking the stage to perform.

“After the concert,” he told me, “one person came up to me and mentioned that they kept getting a vision of triangles during my concert.”

The zither and autoharp virtuoso, laughter therapist, and new age music pioneer Laraaji was born Edward Larry Gordon in Philadelphia in 1943 – or rather, as he says in the extensive sleeve notes to his new album, “the body was”. Celestial Music collects material from throughout Laraaji’s recording career; from the thrumming, scintillating minimalism of 1978’s ‘All Pervading’ to the heavy drones and skipping rhythms of his 2011 collaboration with Blues Control, ‘Astral Jam’. It’s one of three new Laraaji releases on All Saints Music. On the phone from LA, where he is in the midst of a US tour, he told me about his concept of ‘architectonal music’.

Read the complete interview here.