Laraaji’s Vogue Interview


In an interview with Vogue, Laraaji explains why he only wears the color orange. We also get to learn quite a few other things about this amazing artist.

The interview goes like this:

For those well-versed in the history of New Age music, Laraaji’s origin story is elementary material. The account goes something like this: Brian Eno, walking in Washington Square Park one day in 1979, came across the Philadelphia-born, Harlem-based multi-instrumentalist hammering away on his signature instrument, the zither. Captivated by Laraaji’s celestial sounds, Eno tapped the artist, born Edward Larry Gordon, to contribute to his ambient music series. The following year, Eno produced and released Ambient 3: Day of Radiance, which has perhaps become Laraaji’s most widely recognized recording and a fundamental piece of New Age music.

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And here’s a taste of Laraaji’s music: