While We Are Waiting for FLOW


FLOW is New Age music’s very own supergroup. It consists of Fiona (Joy), Lawrence (Blatt), Oster (Jeff) and Will (Ackerman). We know that a CD is well under way, and more details will be in any moment. But while we are waiting, check out the below video (if you haven’t seen it already)!

One thing is certain; on New Age Stars Radio we have already reserved a big slot in the programming schedule this Fall for music by FLOW.

Here’s what the group is all about:

“In early 2015, Lawrence Blatt invited Fiona Joy and Jeff Oster to join him at Will Ackerman’s Imaginary Road Studios to create an album Inspired by the iconic Windham Hill ensembles. Once recording began, it became clear that Will could be an essential part of this group as an artist as well as producer. When invited, Will was happy to join the others and FLOW was born. With Will and Tom Eaton producing, this group will surely capture the essence of today’s New Age music.”

And here’s the official trailer:

There’s obviously some delays here, since Fiona says “you’ll have to wait until May”. Very soon we’ll know some more!

If you want all the breaking news in this project, make sure to sign up for the mailing list on flowthegroup.com.