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A Big Pack of Sweet Lullabies



I am usually not a big fan of remixes, but for Deep Forest’s Sweet Lullaby I am ready to make an exception. On this album, released back in 2007, you will find nothing less than 16 remixes of Sweet Lullaby. The original track is ethnic fusion as its very best, with voice samples from the Pygmies of the central African rain forest.

The remixes are quite varied in style, from ambient to rich, deep synths. Some of them may be too much trance or electronica for some tastes, but it gives variation to the album. And variation is the key when the same song is repeated 16 times. The DJs behind the remixes are Paul Kwitek, Jeff Belfi, Tim Davison and Elektroheadz, among others. And they are all long, from 4 to 9 minutes in length.

I absolutely love track number two, Roman Rai’s remix. It is a perfect arrangement of the synth lines we know from the original song, adding new material here and there. It could easily been on Deep Forest’s World Mix (1994), which, by the way, was released with two remixes of the song. So remixes of this song is nothing new. Also the Leron & Yves Eaux chill mix is great, with an interesting reverb effect of the well known voice samples.

This collection is a must have for any Deep Forest fan, or for anyone who wants the biggest pack of sweet lullabies available. It will for sure give you lots of sweet dreams.

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