Asher Quinn – State of Grace review


stateofgrace-1We don’t have many artists like Asher Quinn in out genre. His great vocal and religious inspired music make him stand out. State of Grace is a collection of songs that are as positive as they are uplifting.

This might sound like an oxymoron, but there are few titles within the New Age music genre that have a Christian theme. A great number is inspired by Eastern religions like Buddhism and Hinduism, while Christianity perhaps has been “a little too close to home” for many artists. There are exceptions of course (Songs of the Saints by Colin O’Donohoe ‘s springs to mind, and there are others) – but Asher Quinn’s long career is the best example. Quinn is also, according to himself, inspired by the Sufi path and Kabbalah – so this is an internationally oriented artist.

Great vocal
The album is produced by Dutch musician Arno op Den Camp. It features collaborations with Myristica, and additional vocals by Kerani and Emoke Labancz. The opening track, A Friend Like You, is a marvelous song. It is filled with love, hope and is a great start to the album. I guess we here have a Christian understanding of the You. The song Footsteps contains some of the most impressive music I have heard in a long time. The build-up is fantastic, and the conclusion is even more satisfying.

However, there is one small note. I have noticed that some people just don’t like Asher Quinn’s way of singing. So be sure to sample his songs to see what you think. For me, State of Grace is in every way a wonderful album. If you are not familiar with Asher Quinn’s style and discography, this is a great place to start.

Score: 88/100 – See how I rate albums here.

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