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Bernward Koch – Day of Life Review


Bernward Koch’s new album Day of Life is a collection of piano ballads that captures the incredible beauty of life. With a perfect balance of positivity and melancholy, this is a day of life that I am happy to be able to enjoy over and over again.

I am, like many people, fascinated by melancholy. I guess it is because this feeling holds both happiness and sadness, and it is about enjoying the moment knowing that nothing lasts forever. Life is about changes. Bernward Koch’s music is like a soundtrack to those feelings, showing their true duality. Any day of life gives you a mix emotions to process.

Great melodies
It is impossible to not to enjoy Bernward Koch’s simple yet complex melodies. Day of Life, published by Real Music, consists of 13 tracks. Here is no rhythm to disturb your contemplation, only light piano, synth pads and an occasional flute.

The album has, like previous albums by this fine artist, a great flow. You can put it on as background music, and your living room will be transformed into an oasis for thinking and relaxation. My favorite tracks are Lonely Road and Irish Sun.

If you are not familiar with Bernward Koch’s music from before, I recommend his debut album Flowing from 1989 – which is a modern classic. But if you are looking for a more updated sound, Day of Life is also an excellent place to start. It is one of those albums that makes you feel wiser and emotionally stronger. Not a bad way to spend some of a day in your life.

Score: 93/100