Denise Young – Passionata


If you love classical piano and new age music combined, Denise Young’s Passionata is one of the best collectives of the two genres. In fact, you will find the artistry and production of this album is top shelf. The marvelous sound you hear, which transcends narrowly defined genre categories into popular, easy listening music is appropriate for a wide variety of listeners.

Review by John P. Olsen

American pianist, songwriter, and Steinway Recording Artist Denise Young made an impression on me after listening to her neo-classical new age piano with instrumentals album titled Passionata.

Passionata is the 2014 follow-up to her 2007 release Something You Dream Of, which may leave you wondering if you are listening to classic piano music by an old master like Bach, Beethoven, or Brahms. In 2019, she released Winds of Change.

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While I am far from an expert on modern classical music, I found Passionata breathtaking by the elevated emotional feel and quiet poignant phrasing on each of the 11 songs.

This album by Denise Young also has the distinction of being produced at the Imaginary Road Studio, home of famous record producers Will Ackerman and co-producer Tom Eaton. Beautiful by a distinct cinematic nuance, Denise Young’s Passionata is reminiscent to the style of cinematic film music producers John Williams and Michael Nyman.

The artists performing with Denise Young include: Jeff Haynes (percussion), Tom Eaton (bass), Eugene Friesen (cello), and Noah Wilding vocals). The 11 solo piano and piano with instrumental songs are: Above the Clouds, Moon Song, The Way, Starlight Melody, There, Cobblestones in the Rain, Awakened, Desire, Figure 8 & Secrets.

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