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Interview with Al Conti about the The WalkAway movement


Webpage theepochtimes.com has posted an interesting interview with Al Conti about his role in The WalkAway movement. 

“The WalkAway movement, launched in late May by gay NYC hairdresser Brandon Straka, is bringing together Americans from all walks of life—every race, class, sexual orientation, and nationality—seeking to simply be “allowed” to say what they think and be who they are. (…)

One of the most stunning voices to emerge is an artist of international repute—Grammy-nominated Argentinian composer Al Conti.

“OK, this is a huge moment of truth for me,” he posted on July 6 on the #WalkAway Campaign Facebook page. His WalkAway “coming out” was preceded by his withdrawal from the Recording Academy, after he perceived its Grammy telecast as a “Trump-bashing platform.”

“For the last 15 years, I have pretty much lived in, worked in, ate and breathed the music industry,” Conti wrote. “I am a New Age composer so, as it happens with music genres, when you are successful you become very popular within that niche but can quickly lose your audience should you say the wrong thing.”

Conti, a self-described “introvert,” came out as gay in 2011, the year he was nominated for a Grammy for his album “Northern Seas.” This second coming out was, for him, not only way riskier but also more important to his own roots.”

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