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John Adorney – The Wonder Well Review



It is easy to compare John Adorney’s music with a magical well; it can be like a source for refreshment, relaxation and positive emotions. So when I heard that his new album was to be called The Wonder Well, I knew that this was a release that would be streaming in my playlist for a long time to come.

There’s no doubt that John Adorney now is in the premiere league of New Age music artists. His melodic focus is on par with artists such as David Arkenstone, Medwyn Goodall and Mars Lasar. It remains to be seen if Adorney can do darker and more complex material, though that is something for another album.

The Well of Wonders
After Adorney’s magnificent album opener on The Fire in the Flint, Endless Rain, I had high hopes for track no. one on The Wonder Well. I’m happy to say that In Spiritus lived up to my expectations; only Adorney can make a track as positive and heartwarming as this. The same goes for track no. two, Never Alone. When listening to this no day feels cold and grey. At this point it is easy to hear that The Wonder Well continues where The Fire in the Flint left off. I’m sure Adroney’s many fans are happy with this.

On a mostly instrumental album it is always nice when a vocal appears. You can hear Daya’s vocal on a few tracks before, but it is first on If a Rose Could Speak she gets “real” lyrics. One minute into the song she sings wonderfully. The simple You are so beautiful-lyrics is amazing and the cello part is also great. It is the best track on the album. Other memorable tracks are The Cup and the Veil and A Meeting Place.

Simply put, The Wonder Well is a fantastic album that will bring joy to both new and old fans. It is perhaps a bit predictable, but that is not a problem when it is so well-made. Every track and every note are in perfect harmony. The Wonder Well is easily one of this year’s best New Age music albums. A must-have in any playlist. 

Score: 95/100 – see how I rate music here.

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