Mark Pinkus – The Peace Messenger Review



What does peace sound like? Silence perhaps? No. Silence is just the absence of sounds. Peace is more of a feeling and a state of mind. Mark Pinkus’ The Peace Messenger is a collection of songs that have different approaches to the term peace. Most importantly is, to quote two of the song titles, to be Open to Love and Compromise. It is a wonderful album from start to finish.

The Peace Messenger is Mark Pinkus’ 11th release. He describes his style as Piano impressionism with a new age and classic flavour.

Music for the Heart
The album starts with the song Asia’s World. It is a remarkable song, with a wonderful atmosphere and a great flow. Pinkus playing is masterful and elegant, as usual. Next song out is Apple Mountain. The 6 minutes long piece instantly demands attention – even though it is a soft and quiet melody. This is piano music meant for active listening. It is music for the heart.

mark-pinkusWith the songs Sun of Greece and Picnic in the Wintertime the atmosphere gets a bit lighter. There’s a freshness to the songs that instantly puts me in a good mood; They are like the soundtrack to a happy day.

Peace is a complex topic. One of the songs on The Peace Messenger is called My Back is on Fire. It is tempting to ask; What has back pain to do with peace? A whole lot if you ask anyone who has experienced severe back pain. Peace is also something individual, and when you are in pain you are not at peace with yourself. It is fascinating to hear how Mark Pinkus’ song give a description of back pain; the pain comes and goes, and suddenly it becomes very painful. Mark is using a lot of low and dark notes to illustrate the pain. It is a great song, and it makes you feel thankful that your own back is OK.

After this three melodies follow that are perfect for daytime dreaming and contemplation; By the Water, Summer Without You and Caress. I love the positive atmosphere in By the Water. Few things are more tranquil than looking out over the water, and Pinkus paints a wonderful picture of this in his song.

The ending consists of three songs that conclude the album in a masterful way: Selfless Self, Open to Love and Compromise. Pinkus is absolutely right; Peace demands something from us, it is about giving.

In conclusion: Mark Pinkus’ The Peace Messenger is a fantastic album for both relaxation and for active listening. It might not lead to world peace, but its message is too important to be ignored.

Score: 92/100 – See how I rate music here

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