Mythos – Journey Review



Mythos’ album Journey (2013) is, as the title implies, a voyage in sound. From modern electronic sounds to classically-inspired tracks, this is indeed a journey in music worth taking.

Mythos is one of those musical projects that always deliver (I recommend reading the artist profile to Bob D’Eith and Paul Schmidt here). Still they are generally not considered to be among the top performers in our genre (perhaps due to their six year hiatus). They are like an athlete that you know on a good day could win the whole tournament, but who usually is just about average. But they are there, doing their thing and gaining longtime fans. You got to respect that.


Great opening
Journey starts with a couple of very good tracks. The melody on the title track is excellent, and I found myself listening to it again and again. The rhythm and the bass line are perhaps a bit weak – but in this music economy we cannot demand too much in terms of mixing and post production work.


I also like the tracks Tokyo and Inner Peace. Here we hear the Mythos we have known for years. The two last tracks, Nocturnal and Impressionism, have a great acoustic feel.


All in all I think Journey is a nice album. Old fans will find material that will make them remember why they became a fan in the first place. Perhaps some new fans will come along for the journey as well. But it is sadly not Mythos’ new breakthrough album.  We will have to wait some more for that.


The songs Tokyo, Journey and Spiritus are currently playing on New Age Stars Radio.


Score: 85 / 100 – see how we score music here.

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