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New MG Music Website and Albums



The new website to Medwyn Goodall Music has just been launched. There’s also 4 new albums available from MG Music artists.

Medwyn Goodall writes:

We have re-built our website and are very pleased with it. We have refined and improved the whole experience. So what is new ? There is an improved layout with new graphics. It is now much easier to select the CD or MP3 formats. We’ve made the shopping cart and postage much easier to see and use. The Featured section has grown from 2 to 5 titles and been moved to the side, each title has its own audio player. Single tracks are no longer on sale because the vast majority of you want albums only which is wonderful. We have improved the audio quality with new audio players for all the track clips.

There is a new MG Youtube where you can view our latest videos and link to our Youtube channel. AND (drum roll) we have launched our own MG Radio in the form of a Podcast channel. We are making 20 min shows where we talk about our music, share stories, bringing you into the studio. It is a wonderful way of getting to know us in a very one to one way. Show are hosted by Medwyn, Jon Richards, and Wychazel, possibly Paul Sills also. The shows can be streamed, or downloaded. These shows are to be found on our new Podcast site, on our website, on our youtube channel, and linked to our Facebook page.

We hope you lke what we have done. We feel it is a really positive leap forwards refreshing and refining everything and adding new interesting elements creaing an MG network for music, video, shopping and radio shows. ALL addresses are top of the page, come join us and subscribe to the channels.

You can visit the all new website here.

The new albums are:


The Beltane Moon is the pagan symbol of growth and new beginnings. In this album, Wychazel returnsto his musical roots to explore some of the mysterious moods and atmospheres that used to define the Runestone sound. Guitars (acoustic, electroclassical and E-Bow), Mandolins, Dulcimer, Recorders, Fidule, Synths & atmospheric effects invite you to take a sonic journey through the magical Druid forest of Wildwood.


Introducing a new artist to MG Music, the accomplished artist Patrick Kelly. Majestic and perhaps his most inspired music to date. Patrick has created a sublime masterpiece. It is beautiful, soaring, dynamic, and so very soulful. A journey from start to finish that never disappoints. Instruments range from Harp to keyboards. It is both gentle and inspirational lifting your heart and emotions.


The unique sound of Tibetan Bowls, Crystal Bowls and Gong come together to create a sublime cross-cultural infusion of sound set against a mystical backdrop of evolving Chakra tones. Immerse yourself in rich sound textures as they weave enticingly to captivate your imagination and surround you with the healing energy of these unique instruments. Ideal for meditation, deep relaxation or Chakra work, this album invites you to take a sonic journey through the seven Chakra tones, followed by a neutral last track to close.


There is little to compare with the comforting sound of gentle rain on a window at night when you are comfy and warm inside. Soft music mixed with gentle rain for an unbroken length of 50mins provides the perfect relaxation CD. Also a wonderful sleep aid.

All of the above albums are available on the above mentioned website.