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No Tubular Bells Without Drugs


Mike Oldfield, musician

The Guardian has just published an interview with Mike Oldfield in connection with the Man on the Rocks release, entitled ‘We wouldn’t have had Tubular Bells without drugs’ . 

The interview starts like this:

The godfather of ambient chillout on hiding from Dizzee Rascal, being a middle-aged raver in Ibiza and his proudest moment – getting a Blue Peter badge

Hi, Mike! How’s it going?
Good. I’ve just become a granddad for the first time.

Congrats! What’s it like to also be the godfather of new age ambient chillout?
I don’t mind what the category is, as long as it’s nice.

When did you first see The Exorcist?
About 10 years after it first came out. Every Halloween it still pops up. I even hear it on CNN [hums chilling refrain from Tubular Bells]. I’m the godfather of scary movie music.

Read it here.

It is easy to understand why Mike has never liked British press… But there are some very nice pictures there!