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Spirit of the Rainforest Re-released



One of Terry Oldfield’s finest albums, Spirit of the Rainforest, has now been re-released. It captures the magic and mystery of the rainforest like no other album in our genre. Terry’s flute brings the forest to life before your inner eye. This way you can experience the tropical wilderness without being afraid of spiders or other dangers, hidden deep in the jungle…

Spirit of the Rainforest was originally released in 1990 on the Real Music label. Around the same time Terry released the albums Spirit of Tibet and Spirit of the World. The rainforest album has now been re-released by Terry Oldfield himself with a new, beautiful cover.

Between Two Worlds
Spirit of the Rainforest is a two part album. Part 1 is called The Listening Heaven and the other is Between Two Worlds. There’s more melody and layers of sound on part 1. Part 2 is contemplative and perfect for meditation.

The two previous Spirit of the Rainforest covers

The most striking here is the complexity of the mix. Notice all the different flutes Terry are playing, and also the changes in speed. Playing a recorded flute  slowly is a very nice effect. It is like we are listening to the ancient voice of the forest. I also like the way Terry are using samples, either it is birds, humans or the sound of the wind. Hundreds of samples must have been used here. The 1990s synths are also amazing. Rarely have I heard a better ambient melody than Part 1 from 9 minutes until about 15 minutes.

In conclusion: Terry Oldfield’s Spirit of the Rainforest is a one of a kind meditation album. It is a living and breathing portrait of the rainforest. There’s so many details and layers to appreciate. I rarely say it, but this truly is a must-have album. It is also a very welcome re-release for all Terry Oldfield fans.

Score: 97/100 – See how I rate music here