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Terry Oldfield – Guardian Angel Review



A ship is an age-old symbol of faith and hope. I’m sure this is why Terry Oldfield’s album Guardian Angel has a wooden ship on its cover. And it’s not just the illustration; the songs are filled with maritime symbols, which say much profound about life. It is yet another inspired album from this amazing artist.

Old fans will know that this is a re-release of Terry’s 2002 album Turning Point, made in connection with his permanent move to Australia. But it sounds just as fresh today, and with a new cover it feels almost like a brand new album too. On Guardian Angel Terry’s flute is important, but it is not on center stage. Its focus is on great melodies, vocals and harmony. I’m impressed by the variation in sound. There’s even a choir here, which does a fantastic job.

A world class artist
turning-pointI have made it a rule never to compare Terry and Mike Oldfield, because they are two unique and very different artists. Yet I’m going to make an exception today because Mike has usually been labeled as the most versatile artist of the two, producing everything from classical music to pop. But Terry’s three last albums have been so different in style, from meditative synth via spiritual to instrumental, showing that he too is a world class artist. We already knew that of course, but it always a joy when artists deliver – album after album, decade after decade.

The title song is amazing. The lyrics made me think; not to be able to be someone’s guardian angel is the life of every parent. You want to do everything your kinds, but at the same time you have to let go. Notice how the male and female vocal is having a conversation. It is a great effect. Lost for words is a nice instrumental piece. I must also mention Southern Shores.The choir sounds amazing. Into the Blue is the surprise last track,  making sure that the album ends on a high note. Check it out, I’m not going to give a spoiler…

Guardian Angel is a marvelous album. It is not just a chill out or lounge, as stated on the cover. No, this is for active listening. Listen carefully and it will be like an amazing voyage; it’s like you can feel the wind in your hair, sailing in the night, guided only by the stars above.

94/100 – See how I rate music here

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