The Nexion-Project – ConSequence review


nexion1ConSequence is the title of a revised edition of the albums Contacts and the sequel The Consummation by The Nexion Project, plus the brand new Prologue and Epilogue. ConSequence is a rare combination of dreamy space music and worldly chill out; it has the larger-than-life qualities of Vangelis’ music, and the emotional aspects of Enigma. Overall it is an impressive package!

The Nexion Project is run by Hungarian Torok Zoltan, and 16 albums are so far released in The Nexion Project series. He’ll give you wonderful music with layers of synth, piano, guitars and tasteful effects. It is masterful sound design, with attention on details.

ConSequence starts with three tracks, The First Sign, The Ascent and A New Place, that gives the listener a feeling of vastness and space (but without an analogue sounding synth). Then there are two tracks that Vangelis fans for sure will enjoy; Mountains and Fading Distances. This is truly majestic music, filled with colors and feelings of greatness. A day is never gray when you put on this music.

The song River of Belief has its name from the Enigma song, the ending on MCMXC a.D., but the Nexion Project song is an entirely different song. This one is more positive and upbeat, but lacing lyrics (even though there are some nice vocals in background).

The most interesting track on the album is without a doubt the 13 minutes long A New Chance. And wow, it is really like an album in itself! In style it is like Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells and Amarok. Here are multiple melodies, several dramatic build ups and conclusions, one replacing the another. It is very creative, and could have been composed by the man with the bells himself; it is really that good. In style it reminds of Tubular Bells III, with its focus on synths. Still you don’t feel that it is a Mike Oldfield copy, not at all. It has its own identity and style.

ConSequence is simply an awesome album in The Nexion Project’s already impressive discography. The track A New Chance is a must have for any Tubular Bells fan.

So take a chance on ConSequence, and let your next purchase be this magnificent Nexion Project album!

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