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Transcend with Time – When Emotions Fade



Transcend with Time’s album When Emotions Fade (2013) is a proof that staying true to your artistic integrity will make you a better artist. It is an impressive album from start to finish, filled with deep emotions and melancholy. Because of this, we awarded it Best Alternative New Age Album of 2013.

On his most recent album, Mark Mendieta – the man behind Transcend with Time, has upgraded his synths and recording equipment. His previous albums were never bad in terms of sound quality, but the new instruments give his material a brighter, less muffled expression. Usually I say that almost any synth will do in New Age music production (being a fan of analogue synths), but here we have an example that new synths really makes a difference.

The TwT trademark
Transcend with Time is different from other artists in our genre. This is most likely the only dark and gloomy album I will review all year. But interestingly enough, its therapeutic qualities is perhaps even greater than most positive and uplifting meditation albums. In all its somber rain and waning light, to quote two of the song titles, is a life force processing life’s hardships and moving on – better and stronger. If that is not healing music, I don’t know what is.

It is a long album. If you buy the CD you get two bonus tracks, Mist of the Vacant and Under These Scarred Eyes. With these two tracks the album has a running time of about 72 minutes. Transcend with Time’s melodies are intricate and delicate. This is, like previous albums, not easy listening. It demands something from the listener. But when you take the time you will see how rewarding it is.

There are some fantastic songs here, like Somber Rains and When Mystery Arises. These songs have a great build up and a very interesting atmosphere. This is not a release you get tired of easily.

When Emotions Fade is simply put a complete album. The many intertwining melodies and the new instruments used make this into the best Transcend with Time album so far. Highly recommended!

The album is available on Bandcamp.