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Two Amazing Albums by Tron



We are all masters in finding ways to live even more busy and hectic lives. It is not easy slowing down. Here relaxation music by Tron Syversen can be of great help. His music is like a gateway to a world far from stress, negativity and unrest. Just close your eyes, and you are taken on a peaceful journey filled with sacred dreams. Tron is one of few artists that I recommend for everybody. We all need his music.

In Tron Syversen’s rich discography are two compilations: Sacred Dreams and Peaceful Journey, both released in 2011 (there seems to be versions with new covers available now in 2014). Sacred Dreams is like a collection of lullabies for grownups (but you can safely play it for your child too). The melodies are obviously inspired by classical lullabies, and the songs have wonderful, soothing vocals done by Elin Lokken. Peaceful Journey are relaxing songs, ideal for stressful trips when it is hard to relax and you might find yourself burned out before arrival. Listening to this album en route will have a positive effect.

A high number of relaxation albums are released every year. What I think makes Tron Syversen’s music stand out from the crowd is his melodic focus. His arrangements are also very well-done, which Sacred Dreams and Peaceful Journey are proof of. Here we get to hear cello, English horn, violin, guitar,  flute, piano and various keyboards.

The compilation Peaceful Journey starts with one of my favorite songs from the last few years, the magnificent Silent Dream. I could play this song all day long on my web radio channel New Age Stars and the audience would still be happy. It has a remarkable atmosphere, not unlike Secret Garden’s best material. You don’t even notice that the female vocal is singing nothing but aaaaaa. It is close to a perfect song. Other great songs here are The Beginning and another dream-song, Your Dream.

Bottom line; if you are looking for relaxation music, Tron’s albums are a must-have in your playlist.

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