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Wychazel – The Healing Light of Isis review



Ancient Egypt is one of my favorite themes for a New Age music album. There’s much about its mythology and the magic of pyramids that fit very well with the sound and atmosphere of New Age music. I’m happy to report that Wychazel’s new album, The Healing Light of Isis, can be added to the list of great Egypt themed albums.

Wychazel is an alias for Chris Green. He is best known for musical writing partnership with Robert Fenner as Runestone. Including collaborations and solo titles, he has published 20 albums. He is signed with Medwyn Goodall Music. When it comes to albums with an Ancient Egypt theme, there aren’t many to choose from. The best is without a doubt Diane Arkenstone’s Echoes of Egypt (2004). Medwyn Goodall’s Amun Ra (2008) and Phil Thornton & Hossam Ramzy’s Immortal Egypt (1998) are also great albums for anyone into the atmosphere of Ancient Egypt.

Healing Light, Magical Music
Wychazel’s The Healing Light of Isis is a three track album. The first is the title track, the next are called Rebirth and Sirius Rising. The album starts slowly and is in its beginning more about meditative qualities than musical storytelling. The drums and the main instruments are inspired by Egypt (duduk and wooden flute, santur and dulcimer) and set a nice atmosphere. But it is first with the 13 minute long ending Sirius Rising the album really starts to get exciting. The melody and the traditional rhythm is great, but there’s not much variation.

Wychazel’s The Healing Light of Isis is a fine Egypt themed album. It is great for relaxation and dreaming about the ancient civilization. It lacks a bit in complexity though, but that is perhaps not a problem with such a powerful historical backdrop. Thinking of the pyramids will always put your imagination to work. 

Score: 83/100. See how I rate music here.

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