Yoed Nir – The Next Dream Review



Cellist Yoed Nir’s The Next Dream is a complex and quite dark album. Yet it is impossible not to be amazed by its foreboding beauty. Nir is master musical storyteller, and he shows that there is a thin line between dreams and nightmares.

There’s no doubt that the cello is trendy again, and listening to Israeli Yoed Nir it is easy to understand why. In the right hands, the cello has so much sound and acoustics, compatible with almost any modern piece of music. It can even make a very lifelike sound of breathing!

A Master Cellist
It is hard to put a genre label on The Next Dream. It is made in the crossing point between jazz, New Age music and neo classical. What I found very refreshing, from a New Age music point of view, was Nir’s use of atmospheres. On the song It’s A New Beginning the synth sounds warm and bright, while the cello cuts in and adds darker (or more “realistic”) colors. Here the cello is not only the lead instrument, but almost like a medium telling us to feel, believe and follow. Only a master cellist would be able to do that.

The album starts with the song Awaken Love. Sonya Kitchell’s vocal and the lyrics’ religious undertones are a great, but will likely scare away some New Age music fans because of its jazzy atmosphere. My advice is to keep on listening, because there’s a lot of great songs to come. Just by looking at the titles you can sense the dramatic stories Nir has in store for us; Devil’s Dance, No Chance for Survival and Time Is Up. It is not easy listening, yet its overall feel makes it into a refined and colorful soundtrack.

The recording and mixing is flawless. The layers of synths, vocals and effects are in many ways groundbreaking. The last track is called Travelling Through the Dark, and shows how much expression Nir can get out of a cello, layers upon layers. From the songs atmosphere we can safely conclude that the album ends on a high note, and with a small hope that the next dream will be a more positive one. 

Yoed Nir’s The Next Dream is a marvelous and quite different album. Its bold fusion of genres is as refreshing as it is interesting.

Score: 92/100 – See how I rate music here.

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