Ashaneen – Waves of Life


Ashaneen’s new album Waves of Life is a proof that there’s complexity in simplicity. Designed for sleep, meditation and relaxation, Waves of Life takes us on a journey to the very core of our existence. It’s like a super powerful, non-toxic drug.

Ashaneen’s real name is Piotr Janeczek. There are not many Polish New Age music artists around, but this is one to follow. Ashaneen is now a Real Music label artist.

Wave after wave
I must confess that I’m a little skeptical about albums that mainly consist of synth pads. Often they are bland and have no story to tell. Listening to Waves of Life though, all my appreciations washed away. This is not just pad chords. Like Liquid Mind (also a Real Music artist), there’s a high degree of musical poetry. Ashaneen creates highly visual audio paintings, filled with colors, scope and drama. The music can take you wherever you want to go. It is truly epic.

The album has an interesting layout; each of the 10 tracks is a «wave». One after another they wash over you, filling you with a feeling of joy and positivity. The last track, A New Beginning, has rhythm and a wonderful melody. It is the wake up track (which you should remove from any sleep playlist).

Ashaneen’s finesse is in the synth pads; they are extremely rich. Many, many layers together create a larger-than-life atmosphere. Jean Michel Jarre couldn’t have done it better if he had chosen to do a pad-only album (not very likely, though). Other instruments are used as well – we get to hear some piano, flute and synth leads – but they are like distant stars in a cosmic display. Far away, insignificant.

In conclusion: Ashaneen’s Waves of Life is a premium meditation album. If you are looking for a sleep aid, or an album for massage or thinking, this is a must-have.

Score: 94/100 – See how I rate music here

The album is available on iTunes.