Charles David Denler – It Was Just The Moon


“I often sit at my piano and watch the moon rise over the lake as I am composing,” says Charles David Denler. “These simple song are the result of my musings…” It Was Just The Moon is now available.

Press release by LAZZ Promotions

Critics have called his music “a national treasure”. With over two hundred film and television scores and thousands of concerts to his credit, Charles David Denler’s EMMY AWARD winning fusion of Classical and Modern Composition can be heard all over the world. Charles received critical acclaim by winning an EMMY in 2004 for his work on Bentley Creek and went on to receive his second EMMY in 2005 for his score to Beyond the Medal of Honor and a third EMMY in 2019 for his Wild Mustang Suite.

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His album, Moment At Dawn, won a GOLD MEDAL at the 2016 Global Music Awards and his orchestral suite, One Drop Became An Ocean, became a 2017 chart topping worldwide radio hit staying in the Top 10 for twelve consecutive weeks.

His album, Wild Mustang Suite (above), has had over 12 million plays on SoundCloud and received the GOLD MEDAL at the 2018 Global Music Awards for Best Neoclassical Album. In 2022 Charles won his fourth EMMY and a One World Music Radio Award for his orchestral suite, Portraits In Season.

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