City of Dawn – Invincible Summer


Ambient artist City of Dawn weaves a tapestry of sound waves & art, with each piece that invites introspection. Discover an invincible summer of our own making.

City of Dawn is an ambient project of Damien Duque from McAllen, TX. He creates Immersive and atmospheric melodic dreamy soundscapes. Aside from his mind-opening message about the effects of Ambient Music, his art also advocates for people within the Autism Spectrum. For Damien, his music is a way of dealing with occasional anxiety attacks, depression, and Insomnia, and through it, he shares his experience as a person with Asperger’s Syndrome (High Functioning Autism).

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Any City Of Dawn album from Damien Duque will invite you into a meditational estate that is self-exploring, which journey he teaches us, can lead toward healing. Healing from our often cluttered mind, which is like the noise that surrounds us, disorganized and arbitrary, and helps us align, whence discover meaning and what he calls”. Quietness, Silence, and Tranquility.

Damien Duque

His mission is to spread awareness and acceptance of autism and has a goal; that people under the Autism Spectrum can do unique things and that Autism doesn’t define, each individual defines Autism and themselves. Because it’s not a disability, but rather a different ability. His music is a testimony that Autism doesn’t stop him from reaching his success and also it brings a transcendent listening experience. He loves to bring listeners together to meditate and experience the sounds.

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