Constance Hauman – Taking Some Steps Ahead


Taking some steps may bring you a long way. Listening to Constance Hauman’s new single “Taking Some Steps Ahead” has, surprisingly enough, the same effect. Hauman’s music is very expressive. It bypasses genre descriptions and labels. It is, for the lack of a better description, cutting-edge sound design – well ahead of the curve.

Constance Hauman is known as of the most versatile performing artists on today’s contemporary music scene. Following two highly acclaimed solo vocal albums, Hauman recently released a digital EP entitled “The Quarantine Trilogy“. The recording marked Hauman’s first foray as a solo pianist and her first release of purely instrumental music. In December 2020, she released the single “Rare Christmas”. Constance Hauman is also the founder of Isotopia Records.

Taking Some Steps Ahead
“Taking Some Steps Ahead” is a big, bold and adventuresome single. The intro’s layered drums are a true treat for audiophiles; the first 30 seconds may blow your socks off! The long fade-in, the helicopter-like tom drums, and the rich echo create a stylish and unique soundscape. Listening to it with high-quality headphones is highly recommended. I found myself rewinding the first 30 seconds, again and again, to re-experience the sublime drum design.

Then Constance Hauman comes on. I love her pop attitude, the laughing (pretended and not pretended), breathing, and vocalization. It is pop and jazz, or something steps ahead of those genres. It sets the atmosphere for the whole piece, it is cool, vibrant, and a statement of Hauman’s incredible vocal abilities. She doesn’t have to sing to be in complete control of the soundscape. Wow!

The melody may be categorized as soft jazz. It is upbeat and chilled. But center stage are the drums and rhythmic elements – and the conclusion is almost all drums. Yes, it is intense, but it is never over-the-top. Think about it; This is how it feels when we do something new and experience something unexpected.

The single reminds me of Hauman’s “Spirit”, the last song in “The Quarantine Trilogy”. It begins with: “For every two steps forward, it often feels as if we take one step back.” But this time around, the steps really bring us forward, hence the intense atmosphere.

A Tao expression goes like this: “The journey is the reward.” The same is true about “Taking Some Steps Ahead” by Constance Hauman. It is rewarding from the very first beat of the drum.

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