Curtis Macdonald – The Best Adventure


Curtis Macdonald’s musical signature sound offers the listener an escape from the mundane, providing a soundtrack to their own journey of exploration. Summer is here and it is time for The Best Adventure!

The artist’s latest release is an uplifting instrumental that motivates and inspires the soul as a soundtrack for the vacation escape or just getting up in the morning. The New Age/Pop instrumental offers a positive mood with a moderate driving rhythm arrangement and a soaring melodic chorus.

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Curtis Macdonald

Curtis Macdonald is a graduate composer from California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, California and has 26 albums in release. In 2013, Curtis Macdonald received Grammy consideration for Best Instrumental Pop Record for the CMMP release When Dreams Come True, and in 2007 received Grammy consideration for Best New Age Record for the EverSound release Everlasting as well as placing in the New Age Reporter Top 100 Recordings. His most recent album is Waiting For An Ordinary Spring (2020).

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