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David Arkenstone – Fairy Dreams


David Arkenstone has a new album ready for us called “Fairy Dreams”. He describe the album as “Cinematic New Age rock”. “It is sometimes difficult to categorize my music and this is a term I can live with,” David continues, “I enjoy bringing many different influences together in my music.”

“World music, classical rock, and New Age are some of the styles I draw from and enjoy weaving into an entertaining and adventurous whole,” says David. “I have always loved the sound of the orchestra. Now I believe I have refined a wonderful blend combining the best elements of the acoustic world, with the electronic world.”

If you want to purchase the CD, you may order it here.

Fans of David’s 2016 album “The Fairy Garden” is in for a true treat here.

Newagemusic.guide recently awarded David with the “Best Ambient Album 2018” reward for his album Colors Of The Ambient Sky.

About David Arkenstone
With three GRAMMY nominations, twenty Billboard hits, and millions of fans worldwide, David Arkenstone has established himself as one of the foremost instrumental musicians of our time. David Arkenstone has recorded over thirty albums, has toured extensively including performances at New York’s Radio City Music Hall and the Hollywood Bowl, scored dozens of films and documentaries, and composed music for the Olympics that is used to this day.