David Arkenstone – Quest for the Runestone


David Arkenstone’s brand new album is now out! Inspired by David’s love of Celtic, Nordic, and cinematic music traditions, Quest For The Runestone is reminiscent of this New Age visionary’s earlier fantasy ‘concept’ albums.

Quest For The Runestone‘s beautiful CD is packaged in a special box with several ‘surprise’ elements and keepsake items along with an original story in a 48-page booklet. Filled with powerful imagery, the Runestone story and music transport listeners during such otherworldly tracks as The Prophecy, Ancient Magic Awakens, and Secrets of the Runestone.

Sample the album and find it on your favorite streaming service:

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David says of Quest For The Runestone, “I wanted to create something that would be a rich and engaging experience from start to finish.”

Composed, produced, and performed by David Arkenstone, Quest For The Runestone features David on guitar, cittern, saz, flute, whistle, melodica, drums and percussion, handpan, bass, vocals, and keyboards. Eric Rigler, the piper credited with Braveheart and Titanic, is featured on the Uilleann pipes, providing stirring emotional waves of Celtic sound throughout; as does Luanne Homzy, a veteran of many of David’s recordings, with her passionate violin and haunting Hardanger fiddle from Scandinavia.

Quest For The Runestone is also available in Dolby Atmos for an immersive listening experience.

Since the release of his first album Valley in the Clouds in 1987, David Arkenstone has become one of the most engaging and prolific instrumentalists of our time. David has received GRAMMY@ nominations for Pangaea, Fairy Dreams, Atlantis, Citizen of the World, and In the Wake of the Wind. With over 1.1 billion streams worldwide, 70+ albums, film and TV scores, gaming scores for World of Warcraft, and NBC Sports themes such as The Kentucky Derby, The British Open, and Premier League soccer, David Arkenstone’s music has become the soundtrack to millions of listeners’ lives across the globe.

For more information and music samples, visit davidarkenstone.com.

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