David Buchs – First Light 


Even though it is one of the most ordinary things of all, the first light of the day always brings with it a sense of awe and wonder. “First Light” is the name of  David Buchs’ second single from his upcoming EP “Awakening”. Buchs does a fantastic job in capturing that “first light feeling”. Even when listening in a dark room, the listener can “see” and sense the light. It sounds too good to be true, I know – but it is the truth. Check it out for yourself!

Suffering from burnout after a ten-year church planting experience in Manhattan, David Buchs sought out contemplative Christian practices to help rejuvenate his soul. He began imagining a music he could listen to while sitting in silence and practicing Imaginative Prayer, a Christian contemplative practice. He started creating slow, meditative music with electric guitar, viola, and sampling software. In 2016, he released his first EP, “Visions” – and “Dreams” followed in 2018.

First Light
“First Light” is, as you might have guessed, the first track on the “Awakening” EP. The piece is so visual (or perhaps illuminating is a better word) that I think many would understand what it is about even without knowing the title. You can, for the lack of a better description, “hear” the light. It is quite remarkable and a statement of David Buchs’ abilities as a composer and artist.

It starts with gentle synth strings. There is an interesting twist around 12 seconds or so, where Buchs breaks the harmony created by the first chord. Then there is a slow, arp-like synth and pads that lay the foundation for Buchs’ cello. Its sharp sound illustrates light perfectly. The analog-sounding synths are also brilliant too; they act as darker colors, thus completing the spectrum.

What I like the best about “First Light” is how it creates interest for the rest of the EP; It is impossible to stop just after one piece. A new day is dawning – in a musical sense at least – and you got to explore it and make it count. There is also a Biblical, “Let there be light” element here that is fascinating. I also enjoy that “First Light” sounds so warm. Buchs’ previous material – like “Visions” and “Dreams” – are a bit chillier. It also communicates a human experience of the day’s first light and how it is filled with possibilities. In other words; a musical carpe diem!

I’m happy to report that track no. 2 on the EP, “Mercy”, is incredible too! Check out my review here. For more information and music samples, visit sleepwithmusic.com

The upcoming singles on the “Awakening” EP are “Forgiveness”, “Transcendence”. Stay tuned; We will review them as soon as they are released. “Mercy” and “First Light” are now playing on New Age Stars Radio.

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