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David Buchs – Mercy


“Mercy” is the promising first single from David Buchs’ upcoming EP “Awakening”. There is something uncompromising and raw about David’s material that makes “ordinary” meditation music seem insubstantial and shallow. David now plays the cello too, which adds a new dimension of sound. As indicated by the title, “Mercy” radiates compassion, love, and forgiveness. It will not leave you untouched, guaranteed. 

Suffering from burnout after a ten-year church planting experience in Manhattan, David Buchs sought out contemplative Christian practices to help rejuvenate his soul. He began imagining a music he could listen to while sitting in silence and practicing Imaginative Prayer, a Christian contemplative practice. He started creating slow, meditative music with electric guitar, viola, and sampling software. In 2016, he released his first EP, “Visions” – and “Dreams” followed in 2018. In our “Dreams” review, we wrote that: “In Buchs’ music is rare kind of beauty and attention to detail. Just close your eyes, and its artistic quality will manifest itself. That is not just a dream or a vision, but an undeniable truth.”

The single “When You Are With Me” followed in 2019. In the same year, David began performing his music live. His first performance was at a contemplative retreat hosted by The 166 church during an Imaginative Prayer exercise. On the “Awakening” EP David uses the material from these live sessions and adds cello melodies to each track.

David Buchs has a unique ability to make music that “washes over the listener” – and “Mercy” is no exception. If anything, that effect is even more powerful this time around. I’m happy to report that “Mercy” also has that larger-than-life synth that made the previous EPs so enjoyable. There is even a warm-sounding piano with some nice textures. But all of this is forgotten when the cello enters the stage; It cuts through the soundscape mercilessly. Then a slow, ambient melody takes shape with the finesse and emotional depth of a Coldplay hit (or perhaps something like Sigur Rós’ “Hoppípolla”). Even if Chris Martin suddenly had started singing, it would not have made any difference. “Mercy” is, in short, beautiful beyond words!

What I find most interesting, is how the cello makes “Mercy” more human and down-to-earth than Buchs’s previous material. Old fans will know that “Visions” and “Dreams” have a quite detached and high-flying sound (hence the balloon on one of the cover artworks), while “Mercy” has its feet well planted on solid ground. I like how it ends; it almost stops, then starts again.

It seems to say that mercy is not something that should be taken for granted. It must be earned. Being able to communicate such insights shows that David Buchs is a master in the making.  

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The upcoming singles on the “Awakening” EP are “First Light”, “Forgiveness” and “Transcendence”. Stay tuned; We will review them as soon as they are released. “Mercy” is now playing on New Age Stars Radio.

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