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James Asher – Eye on Pisces


Eye on Pisces is the latest release by James Asher and Arthur Hull. Coming from the album Energised by Stars, originally appearing as The Visionary this version comes in its full original, unedited and intact.

All of the water signs – Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio share the capability for great sensitivity and at times this can border on showing the ability to show psychic skills. Pisces – often known as the dreamer – certainly displays these characteristics.

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The atmospheric flute playing of Paul Cheneour contributes to the earthy percussion of Arthur Hull and the dextrous keyboards of James Asher. There is a sense as the track progresses that not only can Pisces enjoy the notion of visions, but as the French horn melody takes over also manifest these to a tangible reality.

What a joy that James and Arthur meet regularly to explore such intriguing and fascinating thematic areas in their annual get-togethers!

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