John Adorney – A Silver Thread – Toward A Gentle Place Vol. 2


John Adorney is ready with a new installment in his “Toward A Gentle Place” series, called “A Silver Thread”, released on the EverSound label. In John’s own words: “In 2017, I was inspired to create Toward a Gentle Place, and since its release, I’ve received many emails from people for whom the album has brought comfort in times of stress. With 2020 being on track to be one of the most stressful years ever worldwide, I felt it was a perfect time to create a Volume 2. Being locked in my home for the past few months has given me an unexpected chance to make A Silver Thread – Toward a Gentle Place, volume 2.”

“As with the first volume,” continues John. “I want the experience of listening to the album to be a comforting one, so Iʼve only included pieces that I feel have an uplifting or a soothing quality.”

“Iʼve based the sequencing of the music on something called the iso-principle, which is a concept applied in the practice of music therapy where the music played by the therapist matches the energy level or mood of the client, and then is gradually altered to help guide the person toward relaxation and, ideally, a more peaceful state of being. It is my sincere hope that during these stressful times, this music will help bring you to a more gentle place.”

“A Silver Thread” begins with a lively, mid-tempo energy, and then, track by track, gradually works its way toward a more soothing, restful feeling.

The album is available now for download on

The CD will be available on June 1.