Kerani – The Water of Life


Exactly eighteen months after the launch of her award-winning album SANDS OF TIME, Kerani returns with a compelling new body of work called THE WATER OF LIFE

The ten pieces on this album were written with water in mind, as a source of inspiration. We are all familiar with the science behind water. Therefore, the idea was to bring water to the forefront of our consciousness as a source of life, rebirth and regeneration. The music features Kerani on piano and synthesizers backed by a live string section and a vocalist.

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Water, one of the five elements of life, is a cleanser and healer. All living beings are inseparable from it. The water that flows through our physical body – the amount of water in the human body is 65% – is deeply connected to the oceans, seas and rivers of our planet. Humans and nature are one in that sense. “With this album, I want to bring water to the forefront of our consciousness as a source of life, rebirth and regeneration,” says Kerani.

Track description

1. The Water of Life
The opening track of this album describes the incredible power of water and the mystery and majesty of the oceans.

2. Healing Rain
“A calm sensation eases my pain As I listen to the gentle rain
Its soft melody touches my heart Each single drop, never far apart They work as one, all together
Their beautiful song, lasting forever …” (K. Sessor)

3. Divine Immersion
Water is able to purify and renew. The touch and sound of water give us a sense of calmness and peace that transcends all of our distracting and anxious thoughts. It puts us into a meditative state of mind.

4. The Blue Wonder
Inspired by Dr Frauke Bagusche’s book “Das blaue Wunder”, this song takes you deep into the ocean to show you the fascinating life underwater.

5. Sunset Lake
“Out of the sunset’s red Into the blushing sea,
The winds of day drop dead And dreams come home to me. – The sea is still, – and apart
Is a stillness in my heart.” (W.S. Braithwaite)

6. Cascade
This epic composition, evokes the image of a giant waterfall. Water gathers on top of a steep rock, then falls savagely into a gorge to fi ds its way downwards into a stream.

7. The Fountain of Youth
is the mythical spring that restores the youth of those who drink or bathe in its water. Tales of such a fountain have been recounted around the world for thousands of years.
Imagine an elderly person drinking from the Fountain of Youth. He will feel young and invigorated. Just like you after listening to this piece of music!

8. Ocean Tides
The rising and falling of the seas is a response of the water to the forces of the moon and sun, and shows our connection to other celestial bodies in the universe.

9. Crystalline
Th s sparkling composition aims to describe water as the scientifi element H2O, which is the only substance on Earth to exist as solid, liquid and gas.
Note the constantly alternating time signatures of 3/8 – 4/4 throughout the entire piece.

10. The Water of Life – Epilogue
We’ve come full circle with this reduced and intimate version of the title track.

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