Liquid Mind – Musical Healthcare Review


It has been documented that music has healing qualities. It can vastly improve our mental wellbeing and give us a speedier physical recovery. This is also the reason why Liquid Mind’s new compilation is called “Musical Healthcare”. It features tracks from the last 15 years, plus a brand-new piece called “Healing Hands”. Much like “Relax: A Liquid Mind Experience” did back in 2007, the new compilation offers an introduction – and perhaps even a definition – of what Liquid Mind is all about. Make no mistake about it; In a world plagued by stress, the compilation offers the best musical healthcare available.

“Musical Healthcare”, released on myndstream, is the seventeenth album in Chuck Wild’s series of therapeutic music. His two most recent albums are “Liquid Mind XIII – Mindfulness” (2020) and “Liquid Mind XII: Peace” (2018). “Musical Healthcare” is also a registered trademark that Wild uses about his music, especially on his webpage (from 2007 onwards, the so-called “The Liquid Mind Musical Healthcare® experience”). In our interview with Wild in June last year, commenting on the Covid19 epidemic, Wild said: “I think all music can be healing to someone. Some folks go to bed listening to heavy metal, others to classical music, others to sedative music like Liquid Mind. So the pandemic hasn’t altered my views on the therapeutic value of music and has been a good reminder of the importance and value of music therapy, which has actually been used for centuries.”

Surrender to Love
For a compilation of previously released music to be interesting, it must give a new understanding of the material and the artist. It is the opposite of a random and soulless playlist. Its magic is in the selection and the presentation. Read on, and you will see that “Musical Healthcare” has these qualities in abundance!

The opening piece, “Surrender to Love”, is taken from “Liquid Mind XII : Peace” (2018). The gentle ambient melody and whispery synth are like a warm blanket, making the listener tune in and relax. I also enjoy the larger-than-life atmosphere and the euphoric conclusion. The compilation is off to a tremendous start!

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The almost nine minutes long “The Joy of Quiet” is true to its name. It is a homage to the quiet, with only a bare minimum of synths. I find it fascinating how Wild is able to communicate joy so quietly and gracefully. Also, notice how nicely “The Joy of Quiet” fades into “Teach Me To Love” (from “Liquid Mind XI : Deep Sleep”). Even though we already know each piece, the compilation gives a new understanding. On the original album, this piece was a stage in sleep (or really two stages, since it was divided in two), while “Musical Healthcare” is all about love!

Chuck Wild

Letting Go
The compilation shifts gear with “Letting Go”. The somewhat faster (I use that term lightly) piece from “Liquid Mind IX : Lullaby” is positive and carefree. It has some very nice heavenly textures and distant voices, plus an epic conclusion. Talking about voices, “Breathe Me In” (from Liquid Mind VIII: Sleep) has angelic vocals that seem near and comforting as if guiding the way.

“In The Stillness” (from “Liquid Mind VII: Reflection”) has a minimalistic style – yet it is everything it has to be, ensuring that your mind is free to travel wherever it wants to go. “Oneness” is the second piece from “Liquid Mind XII : Peace” on the compilation. The feeling of being unified and whole is communicated with skill and finesse. Only Liquid Mind is Liquid Mind.

Now is the moment you all have been waiting for; the new track “Healing Hands”! The 12 minutes long piece is a genuine tour de force. It both sums up what you just have heard (on the compilation and the mentioned albums), and the ultra-high quality, crystal-clear synths points towards the future. There is a duality here that I find very interesting; It is as if we can “feel” the healing hands. At the same time, the piece is also a tribute to hands that heal. How wonderful that is, especially in the age of Covid19!

In conclusion: There is no doubt in my mind that Chuck Wild has created some of the finest meditation music ever, and this year’s compilation “Musical Healthcare” is a terrific introduction to Liquid Mind’s most recent albums for both new and old fans.

When you put on “Musical Healthcare”, you know that you are getting the best treatment available.

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