Album of the Month: Liquid Mind XIII – Mindfulness


In his music, Chuck Wild seems to capture silence and turn it into music, which in turn makes it easy to experience any kind of meditation. “Mindfulness” is a fantastic new album in the Liquid Mind series. It is also New Age Music Guide’s album of the month for February 2021!

As a longtime fan, there’s one thing I know for sure when playing a new Liquid Mind album; It will contain cutting-edge synths and pads. From the mid-1990s and until today, Chuck Wild has pushed the technology to the max and produced rich and groundbreaking sounds. That’s one of the reasons why the first few Liquid Mind albums – like “Ambience Minimus” (1994) “Slow World” (1996) – are still very popular and don’t sound dated. “Mindfulness” starts with “In the Arms of Love.” I love the first few seconds, and how the sound seems to pull the listener in – much like a pair of loving arms. It is a fantastic effect. The slow, ambient melody is multi-dimensional. The room of sound is, as usual, MASSIVE, with heavenly strings center stage and many layers of gentle textures. The song also has a nice build-up, growing in intensity towards the end. If the song had a color, it would be romantic red.

A Calm Heart
The purpose of mindfulness is to clear the clutter and enter a state of calmness. In the intro to “A Calm Heart,” we can sense uncertainty and stress gripping the heart; Then suddenly, a wave of peace washes over it. The heart can relax and just be, without worries. It is a beautiful and inspiring song.

I believe many people think that mindfulness is hard, that it requires a lot of preparation and practice. Liquid Mind’s “Mindfulness” shows how wrong that impression is. You only have to press Play, and Liquid Mind will take you there. It lets you quietly observe your thoughts while effectively blocking out the world around you. I think it also can inspire many to learn more about the psychological process behind mindfulness and its health benefits.

“Liquid Mind XIII – Mindfulness” is, in short, something we all can benefit from, especially now.

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