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Osmunda Music – Sending My Love


Osmunda Music announces the release of “Sending My Love” from Osmunda Music, a.k.a. Rebecca Trujillo Vest. A collection of 13 songs, “Sending My Love” is an uplifting collection of songs that inspire peace and positive change.

The album is a continuation of an artistic exploration Trujillo Vest began several years ago while traveling the world throughout Europe and the Middle East. Her body of work was established by her first album Munda and continued by “Love Will Overcome“, her second release. “Love will Overcome” was submitted for a GRAMMY nomination in 2019, and “Sending My Love” is under consideration in the current 2020 GRAMMY Awards nominations cycle—both in the Best New Age Album category.

“I began “Sending My Love” by thinking about all of the turmoil in the world today and had a simple thought—let’s be loving people and create a loving world,” said Trujillo Vest. “It culminated in an album that invites audiences to engage with the music and actively embrace the positive messages, melodies, and harmonies to help them create their own reflections.”

“Sending My Love” is rooted in Trujillo Vest’s lifelong dedication to exploring the connections between mind, body, spirit, and the earth. The album consists of chants of simple, minimal lyrics designed to build and nurture a caring and loving consciousness. A recent article in Voyage LA featuring Osmunda Music calls Trujillo Vest “an artist, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, music producer, warrior goddess… a force of nature.”

John X Volaitis and Trujillo Vest produced the album and all songs are performed by Trujillo Vest and Volaitis.

Trujillo Vest and her husband Michael Vest are founding members of the band Space Babies. In 2010 they opened Earthstar Creation Center, a recording studio in Venice, California; together they have co-produced many projects from this magical, creative space, and artists who have recorded there include Beck, The National, P!nk, Space Babies, and Pharrell Williams. They are passionate activists for a range of causes from global warming and arts education to homelessness and hunger.

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